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An Overview of Ancient Rome and Other Early Suburbs

The world will soon have a population of 7 billion people. Regardless of the exact number, it hardly takes an official statement to recognize the problems with overcrowding—especially in poorer countries. Cities are constantly expanding and peripheral areas are forced to accommodate an increased number of residents. While some forms of suburban growth are by choice, most […]

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A Divided City: Suburban Cairo Before the Egyptian Revolution

News reports on the Egyptian Revolution have rightfully focused on former President Hosni Mubarak and, to a lesser extent, Tahrir Square—considered a major flash point for unrest. The immediate causes, including scenes of crowded city streets and riots, have been highlighted in great detail. The role of Cairo’s suburbs has received far less attention. Suburban Cairo includes one […]

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The Favelas and Gated Communities of Suburban Brazil

Over 1,000-armed guards patrol its grounds and helicopters are a common sight. A military fort comes to mind, but the inhabitants of this guarded complex are in fact middle and upper-class families. Helicopter traffic peaks when businessmen take their daily 14-mile commute to work. Welcome to Alphaville—a gated community of over 20,000 residences in the suburbs of São […]

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