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The First Signs of Suburban Utopias: From London to America

From the quirky Edward Scissorhands to the drama of Revolutionary Road, the movie industry has made a habit of showcasing the American suburb. Regardless of genre, the picture painted is one of safety and tranquility. Yet these peaceful utopias were not created by Hollywood, as suburban communities have existed in the United States since the mid-19th […]

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The History of Suburban Brussels

An American would feel right at home in the suburbs of Brussels. Mid 20th century ranch-style tract housing and newer contemporary homes are the norm, as medieval architecture and tourist attractions are noticeably absent. So too are the housing projects, multi-unit apartment complexes, and major public transportation links that predominate other European suburbs. Drive for […]

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Suburban Riots in Paris and the Bigger Picture

On October 27, 2005 two French youths of foreign descent were electrocuted in an attempt to escape police in the suburb of Clicly-sous-Bois. Their deaths led to three weeks of riots, as destitute teens from suburban housing projects around Paris damaged 9,000 cars and created over 200 million Euros in damage. Subsequent riots in November […]

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