Why a website on suburbs? Glad you asked.

My recently finished masters thesis—a socioeconomic comparison of the New York City and Paris suburbs—created a desire to expand my research further. I hope to explore a variety of locales around the world and draw conclusions based on the findings. Many metropolitan areas are made up of poor city centers and affluent suburbs, while others illustrate the opposite trend—that of rich urban cores and shanty towns or housing projects predominating the periphery.

What ultimately influences where people live? The answer varies by region, but commonalities exist within each country or region that provides insight into different cultures, government policies, and social groups.

I will be posting relevant news updates from around the web and (as time permits) original research-based articles that explore a specific city or trend. All attempts have been made to provide links to online sources. Many resources used, however, are from academic journals and lack public access. While I don’t provide footnotes, anyone wanting clarification or simply interested in pursuing a subject further is welcome to my sources via email. Make sure to check out the links and resources for more information pertaining to the subject matter of this site.

One final note: all images are assumed to be of public domain. Please contact me with any perceived copyright issues. There is no intent to profit from the images, I’m simply providing pictures to a topic that greatly benefits from visual references.

Most importantly, feedback is always encouraged. Enjoy!



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