In Pictures: An Interactive Map From the Center of Urban Pedagogy on Income Demographics and Rent in New York City

Check out The Center for Urban Pedagogy’s interactive map of New York City and its immediate suburbs.

The data tells a similar story to the most recent American Community Surveys, seen here in another interactive map–courtesy of the New York Times. Coupled with the day versus night population data in Manhattan, it’s clear that residents of lower Manhattan are indeed middle to upper class, yet few people actually live there–compared to its standing population at any given time. Most affluent New Yorkers skip the other boroughs all together–as evidenced by the significant poverty levels across much of Brooklyn and the Bronx–and live in the fringe suburbs of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Unlike European cities (think: Paris) the housing preferences in the United States–even in a city as grand as The Big Apple–sway heavily towards the periphery.


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