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In Pictures: An Interactive Map From the Center of Urban Pedagogy on Income Demographics and Rent in New York City

Check out The Center for Urban Pedagogy’s interactive map of New York City and its immediate suburbs. The data tells a similar story to the most recent American Community Surveys, seen here in another interactive map–courtesy of the New York Times. Coupled with the day versus night population data in Manhattan, it’s clear that residents of lower Manhattan […]

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News Update: The Future of Suburban Housing

In a detailed article on suburban housing designs, the consensus is clear: “the problems of affordable housing, sustainable development and the fate of suburban single-family neighborhoods are more pressing than ever.” Suburban housing, at present, is too spacious and wasteful — while the answer lies in higher density, multi-use neighborhoods. The article is better suited […]

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An Overview of Ancient Rome and Other Early Suburbs

The world will soon have a population of 7 billion people. Regardless of the exact number, it hardly takes an official statement to recognize the problems with overcrowding—especially in poorer countries. Cities are constantly expanding and peripheral areas are forced to accommodate an increased number of residents. While some forms of suburban growth are by choice, most […]

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